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in the name of all that is Holy, will someone with an actual degree and a big gift-wrapped clue PLEASE come interview for this position? someone that doesn't think that LANDesk is to the end all be all solution to all things Desktop? And someone that doesn't think that UNIX is just a name for those guys that had their balls cut off ?


Job Title Associate: Director, Client Services
Job Requisition ID: 3380BR
Employer: Emory University
Division: School Of Public Health
Department U570002:SPH:Business Services
Full/Part Time: Full-Time
Regular/Temporary Regular
PRN Position? No


Leads the client services team in establishing, supporting, and advancing the technologies that align with the needs of faculty and staff. Manages the evaluation and implementation of client services practices and policies; standards and configurations; and software, hardware, and peripherals. Manages school-wide deployments of technologies, updates, and patches at the desktop level. Serves as an advocate for the faculty, staff, and students, working closely with individuals to document and understand their requirements and translate them into effective and reliable technology solutions. Supervises the client services team. Mentors the team and provides advice on career paths and training to augment individual's skills. Works to establish an efficient, client-focused team of highly skilled individuals. Serves as the point of escalation for client services needs. Manages the budget of the client services team. Tracks day-to-day expenses and projects upcoming fiscal year costs. Facilitates the communication strategy and develops communication materials for a division or school. Works to disseminate information and establish collaborative communities of practices. Utilizes desktop hardware and peripherals, Windows and Macintosh operating systems, and client applications. Performs related responsibilities as required.

Bachelor's degree and eight years of experience working to support clients either as a client service representative, business analyst, information technology consultant, or a similar client-focused role. Proficiency with Microsoft Windows or Macintosh OS and Microsoft Office. Familiarity with technology fundamentals including architecture, hardware and peripherals, technology standards, and information security.

Demonstrated experience leading a Client Services team. Experience working in a public health academic environment providing client services support. Possess excellent communication skills with an engaging and positive style.

Minimum Hourly $ 26.105769
Minimum Annual $ 54300
Midpoint Hourly $ 36.682692
Midpoint Annual $ 76300
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So I'm sitting at my office at work because the backups gave us some sort of strange error at might night last night and said that things didn't go as planned. We haven't changed the firewall settings yet so I can't easily access the UNIX machines from home (since I use comcast and we blacklisted them for a while due to some bad spam issues). Therefore I'm on campus.

Figured it was a good time to do an update.

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I keep forgetting that I'm working too jobs. Even though one of them is just a part time gig for 3.5 hours twice a week. Its still two jobs. And it does play havoc with trying to schedule anything with friends. I had tried to reserve at least one day a week to catch up with folks but that just hasn't been working too well so I'm not going to try so hard anymore. However, my 2nd job ends the 1st week of August. So hopefully I'll have a sane schedule then. I'll have all of my evenings free again.

Go me :-)


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