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Last week was hell, but the weekend was good. So i’ll focus on that :-)

I had a good weekend. On Saturday I got to attend two different wedding receptions. Seems that two different sets of friends decided to get married in small/private weddings but have their actual wedding receptions as big parties the day after. I managed to convince [ profile] zorathenne to accompany me to both of them. Mainly because I wanted her to meet some of the folks that have known me for nearly 20 years and also so I could have them meet the person that is most likely going to be the next Mrs. Vernard Martin. I’ve learned to listen to what my friends say about who I’m dating as they tend to see things that I don’t. I don’t always do what they say but at least I can’t say I wasn’t told about it beforehand :-)

Davide and Katrina tied the knot and had a picnic of sorts at the Roswell center near the Chattahoocie river. I’ve known both of them quite a long time and I can happily say that while I never thought they would end up with each other, I am quite confident that they are perfect for each other. It was a standard spring picnic with hamburgers and such. Was good to see everyone there and catch up. It reminds me how quickly time passes when I realize that most of the folks there had kids. I never really saw us as “adults” but it was very obvious that we had all grown up a long time ago. But it was also good to know that we still for the most part liked each other flaws and all and could take some time to wish good friends a wonderful start to a life together.

Iris and Jeffrey have pretty much been smitten since first sight. And I’m glad that they found each other because they do seem to complete each other in a way that seems healthy and positive. They had a low country boil as their reception and there was much crab, shrimp and BBQ consumed. I was the teaching assistant for a programming class at GA Tech which Iris was enrolled on. We became friends during that class and the relationship has endured. I can always count on her to keep a heathen like me spiritually grounded as strange as that may sound. And she is a great person to have dinner and conversation with. I’m wishing her the best for her new beginning. I’m sure it’ll be grand.

I think I ate more food on Saturday then I normally eat in a week. And it gets better. [ profile] lucent_alchemy‘s mom was in town so [ profile] zorathenne and I wandered by to partake of some wonderful home cooking by mom. Even though we were both stuffed, we managed to eat some homemake alfredo sauce (divine) and butter-basted tilapia. And for dessert, TASTYKAKE. only folks that know what TASTYKAKE is can truly appreciate the yumminess that it is. Little Debbie wishes it were half of what TASTYKAKE was.

All in all, it was a lovely saturday. and I got to spend all of it with [ profile] zorathenne which made it all the more enjoyable.


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