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I do not speak for Dragon Con officially so nothing that I say can be assumed to be official Dragon Con policy in any way shape or form.

If you are doing ON-SITE REGISTRATION at DragonCon and want to make getting your badge as fast as possible do the following:

Do NOT show up early before opening to stand in line. I MEAN IT. The longer the line is before they start processing the badges, the WORST the wait is. Here is why: Lets say there are 1000 people in line at start. Lets say they can process 1000 people an hour. Lets say 1000 an hour also show up and join the line. That means that the line will ALWAYS have 1000 people in it. It also means there will always be a full room and things will get absurdly hot because that room is designed to have that many people in it all the time.

While you are standing in line, you fill out a white form with all your contact info. Make sure you PRINT LEGIBLY. Do NOT write in cursive. This is hard to read. PRINT LARGE so that its easy to READ. Do NOT leave sections of the form blank. It slows them down as they usually ask you if that was intentional.

Bring CASH. Do not use a credit card because you have to wait for the machine to process it and you have to sign. If you bring cash its really really fast.

Bring your old badge from a previous DragonCon. Why? Because your membership number is on it. Your membership number (also called your badge number) doesn't change from year to year. If your info hasn't changed and you give them your membership number then from the point where you actual get to the Data Entry section of the process, it can be as fast as 10 seconds. instead of a full minute. And the reason you bring the badge rather than memorize the number is that the badge won't be wrong. :)

Bring a picture ID from the following list only: Drivers License, Military ID, Passport, Official State issued ID. Anything else will SLOW THINGS DOWN. You might even be refused.
Also, once you take out your ID at Data Entry, do NOT put it back up as you will need to show it again at badge pickup.

Spread the news folks.


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