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Finding it difficult to get in front of a computer when I'm not at work these days. I might read email but I rarely get anything serious going. not sure why I'm this way but its been going on like this for months.

In any event, I'm going to make a concerted effort to write more as I like to write and I haven't been doing much lately.

I survived FantaSciCon this past weekend. which was decidedly underwhelming this year. there were only 120 participants including volunteers and guests. And we moved again for the 2nd year straight which left us with accommodations that left much to be desired. For instance, not having any elevators and having the entire con be on the 2nd floor. Not good but there was no way around it. A lot of folks that I look forward to seeing at the Con were not present this year either. but there was a silver lining: I got to hang out with folks that I normally wouldn't so I got to know some folks better.

I've been going through all the stuff in my basement and making a pile to take to goodwill. While having extra chairs for when folks are at my parties is nice, they should be really of the folding variety and not the dining room table variety. Too annoying to store them.

I've ditching yet more computers. Anything which I haven't booted up in over a year is finding a new home or goes to the recycling folks. Drop me email if you are local to Atlanta and might need a computer.

Thinking about hosting a Mid-Summer Night's Eve part in the summer of course. I have this huge back yard that I never do anything with. I figure it might be worth a shot and I have plenty of time to plan for it.

Looks like I might be working on-site registration at DragonCon again this year. And might have even more responsibility. Will say more once I know more for sure.

health is doing ok. But I need to get more exercise. I've gone as far as I can with diet alone. Joy.

other than that, I think I'm doing fine.

I'm back.

Jul. 8th, 2008 03:32 pm
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Hate work. I really don't want to be a system administrator. I don't have the personality for it. Time to seriously start looking for other employment.

Doctor says body is okie dokie. Still losing weight steadily. And I should be off all my meds in another year. Which is always good. At least the ones I am on now are completely paid for by insurance.

Need to get a better grip on my finances. I have enough money. I am just not spending it as wisely as I should. probably should get a job that pays more money though. I'm seriously underpaid right now.

The charm of playing house-husband is gone. Just want to be back myself again.

Got a bazillion weddings to attend as usual this year. I think the count is up 5. But so far no more than two of them are in any one month. None of that silly 5 in 8 weeks crap like last year.
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So I'm sitting at my office at work because the backups gave us some sort of strange error at might night last night and said that things didn't go as planned. We haven't changed the firewall settings yet so I can't easily access the UNIX machines from home (since I use comcast and we blacklisted them for a while due to some bad spam issues). Therefore I'm on campus.

Figured it was a good time to do an update.

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So its been a while since I did a life update. I do these from time to time for both the benefit of my friends that I don’t get to see face-to-face often, my acquaintances that like to keep track of me for some bizarre reason and for myself as a way to evaluate how my life has changed over time. I actually post quite a bit but that is in “diary” mode and are private just to me. After all, to me a journal is usually private. Livejournal is nice in that it allows me to do that very well and have it accessible almost anywhere I have a network connection. The “live” part of it is an interesting aspect that i’m still trying to get a better handle on for my own purposes.

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