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My colleage that I share an office with has a laptop for sale. I'd purchase it myself but I have large hands and the keyboard is just a *smidge* too small for me to use comfortably. Its a fantastic deal if you need a very lightweight and portable laptop. Its a Dell 700M and its listed on Craigslist here. I've included everything but the images here in my journal to make it easier to inspect.

I’m offering a meticulously kept, ultra-portable and ultra-powerful Dell Inspiron 700m, which I bought just last year. This is the ultimate light-weight computer – great for business travel or taking to your local café/library! Its low power-consuming Pentium M is brilliantly fast and the machine makes almost no noise whatsoever.

The glossy screen is in perfect condition and allows you to work very well outdoors. It is wonderful for watching movies.

- 1.7 GHz Pentium M (Centrino Chipset)
- 512mb RAM
- WXGA Active Matrix 12.1" high-resolution (1280x800), glossy, wide-screen
- 40GB hard drive
- CD-R/RW, DVD-ROM combo drive
- Intel Extreme Graphics 2 video card
- Intel PRO 54mbit/sec 802.11a/b/g wireless adapter
- Broadcom 10/100 wired network integrated controller card
- Internal 56k modem

- Two USB 2.0
- SVGA - for connecting to monitors, projectors, etc.
- S-Video port – for connecting to TVs, video cameras
- 1394 firewire
- Microphone and Speaker jacks
- Sandisk memory/camera card reader!!

Includes all of the original extras:
- Owner’s manual
- Extended warranty – through August 19, 2007. Next business day on-site warranty (includes: hardware coverage, phone support, the works!)
- Windows XP, Service Pack 2 CD
- Dell System Restore CD
- WordPerfect Productivity Pack
- MusicMatch Jukebox
- Cyberlink PowerDVD
- Also, I’ll include the protective carrying sleeve that I tote it around in!

I am the original owner - the computer has never had any problems whatsoever. With the operating system and factory software restored, it is like brand new!

The battery is NOT affected by the recent battery recall = no worries for you!


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